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Bangkok Operations

Digital Asia Concepts Limited (DACL) combines creative and technical artistry to create original
stories in the medium of live-action and computer animation. Based in Bangkok, Thailand, DACL
operates under ‘One Stop Film Shop’ concept,offering state-of-the-art services in :script writing ,
storyboarding, directorial services, live action shooting , 2D & 3D Computer graphics Animation,  
Motion Control,  Special Effects,,Compositing,Editing,Voice Over/Dubbing,and Music.

The founder, Mr. Shyam Ramanna, a CLIO Award Winning director, animator and editor, has
pioneered innovative techniques for creating completely synthetic animated characters and
seamlessly integrating them into the environment ,
as well as creating photo realistic special effects in commercials and films.

He is ably supported by a Bilingual Production team (English & Thai)
Some of our prestigious clients are :WALLs Unilever, Coke,  P&G, Singapore National Arts Council,
Unocal Thailand, Dubai Shopping Festival, Dubai Development & Investment Authority etc

We maintain the highest quality in technology , creativity and production and have been honoured
with over 60 awards for this effort.

Indian Operations

Crest is a full-range Studio & Media Services company

Crest Communication Limited (CCL), is a public limited company in the business of Production of
advertising commercials, corporate films, audio-visuals and television programs, Crest also has a
very comprehensive infrastructure containing complete Digital Post-Production division (Sound and
Video editing) studios, Animation Division (Computer Graphics & Cell-Animation) and a Film Special
Effects division.

Armed with proven competencies in technical, production, post-production, graphics & animation
skills, Crest has aggressively repositioned itself as a one-stop entertainment solutions house by
offering the entire gamut of content and services related to all stages of the production sphere for film
and television.

Crest has opened inroads into the Indian and International Ad-Film and Corporate Film Production
market using its highly rated intellectual and infrastructure resource base. Pioneering change in the
Indian entertainment arena with its state-of-the-art hardware, sophisticated software and top-notch
talent, Crest is today one of the fastest growing entertainment companies in India.

With unwavering commitment to quality of the highest international standards, Crest has effectively
combined competitive pricing with efficiencies in delivery. Having acquired the seal of approval from
top Hollywood studios (such as AOL Time Warner, Columbia Tristar and more), Crest
Communication Limited spells “Total Entertainment Solutions”.

Crest has adopted a very aggressive stance, in terms of business development across various
regions, particularly the USA and Canada. The company has also produced several tests this year,
which are expected to result in business contracts in the coming year.

‘The Jean-Bob Show’ – a 26 episode animated television series that will feature lovable animal
characters from Rich-Crest’s successful feature trilogy ‘The Swan Princess’.

The Jataka Tales’ - enjoyed by Indian children over the generations, these delightful stories, provide
rich material for another 26 episode animated television series.

The Adventures of Tenali Rama’ – Targetted at South East Asian markets, the entire pre-production
work and significant production work of this animated series has already been completed by Crest

Ollie – These are a series of song filled stories which are aimed at per-school children. Ollie’s
adventures take place in the largest most magical body of water – a child’s bathtub!!!

Christmas orange – Christmas orange test was done for Bardel animation, a Canada based media
content company. This show is based on the award winning kids Christmas book,”Christmas
orange” written by Don Gillmor & Mary Louis Gay.

Ball Town -  Crest did a successful test for “Balltown” for Entercore Entertainment, A Vancouver
based entertainment Company. Balltown is a fun non-violent animated TV series, which teaches life
values and important life skills to children of 3-7 yrs of age. It’s a combination of 2D & 3D animation
where characters are drawn in 2D @ backgrounds in 3D.

The response, particularly in 3D animation, that Crest has been getting from certain leading studios
is truly reflective of the world-class standards Crest has set for itself. Countries such as Korea,
Philippines and China have been favoured destinations for traditional animation work through the
years. As viewer ship trends are moving towards computer generated animation, Crest is preparing
a strong foundation as a delivery platform, in the current and ensuing years for this business.

Here is what top studios have to say ....

“It was very interesting for us to see our 2D character designs come to life in 3D. We have shown this
to our development department as an example of what is achievable in 3D. Your work has generated
greater interest in developing a project suitable for 3D animation.” – From International Production,
Walt Disney Television.

“ We were very pleased with quality of work Crest did for us. They showed skill & creativity along with
professional collaborative attitude. We look forward to working with Crest in the near future.” – Bill
Schultz, Executive Producer - Mike Young Productions.

“We are very pleased with the quality of animation that your studio in india did for us on our
“Christmas Orange” promo. We handed out this test to many studios’s in Asia & India & your test is
amongst the best.” – Delna Bhesania, CEO – Bardel.

US Operations

Rich-Crest Animation Studios

Rich-Crest Animation Studios, based in Burbank, California a production company that produces
animated motion pictures and direct-to-video entertainment par excellence. Richard Rich, Director of
Disney's ‘The Fox and the Hound’ and ‘The Black Cauldron’ started Rich Animation Studio 15 years
ago. Since the studio’s inception, Rich and his team have produced over 60 half hour videos and six
feature length films, with a combined production cost in excess of $70 million.

Rich Animation produced the ‘Swan Princess’ trilogy, which was distributed by Turner and Columbia
Tri-Star Home Video. Rich’s other production – ‘The King and I’ was released theatrically in 1999 by
Warner Brothers. ‘The Scarecrow’ – yet another Rich production is a current release of Warner
Family Entertainment. Tri-Star Pictures released the Rich production - ‘The Trumpet of the Swan’
theatrically, in the 2nd quarter of 2001. The Animated Hero Classics’ series produced by Rich
enjoyed a successful two-year run on HBO in the United States.
Filmography as: Director, Producer, Writer

Director - filmography
(2000s) (1990s) (1980s)

Trumpet of the Swan, The (2001)
Scarecrow, The (2000) (V)

King and I, The (1999)
Swan Princess III, The (1998)
Swan Princess II, The (1997)
Swan Princess: Escape From Castle Mountain, The (1997)
Joseph's Reunion (1995) (V)
Swan Princess, The (1994)
Moses (1993) (V)
Abraham and Isaac (1992) (V)
Joseph in Egypt (1992) (V)

Black Cauldron, The (1985)
Taran and the Magic Cauldron (1985)
Fox and the Hound, The (1981)
Filmography as: Director, Producer, Writer
Producer - filmography
(2000s) (1990s)

Trumpet of the Swan, The (2001) (co-producer)
Scarecrow, The (2000) (V) (producer)

Swan Princess III, The (1998) (producer)
Swan Princess II, The (1997) (producer)
Swan Princess: Escape From Castle Mountain, The (1997)
Joseph's Reunion (1995) (V) (producer)
Swan Princess, The (1994) (producer)
Moses (1993) (V) (producer)
Abraham and Isaac (1992) (V) (producer)
Joseph in Egypt (1992) (V) (producer)
Filmography as: Director, Producer, Writer
Writer - filmography
(2000s) (1990s) (1980s)

Scarecrow, The (2000) (V) (story)

Swan Princess III, The (1998)
Swan Princess II, The (1997) (story)
Swan Princess: Escape From Castle Mountain, The (1997)
Swan Princess, The (1994) (story)

Black Cauldron, The (1985)

Dubai Operations

A partnership between Nitin Puri, a prominent advertising personality and Shyam Ramanna, a film
maker with over two and a half decades of experience, led to bringing Digital Asia Concepts to Dubai
in April 2003.

In the first year of its inception, DAC FZ LLC has produced over half a dozen commercials for the
government of Dubai and other clients from the GCC. Among these are the renowned Dubai Land
Film – a 20 minute animation extravaganza and the famous Dubai Shopping Festival and Dubai
Summer Surprises commercials.

With a vision to introduce world class animation production to both advertisers as well as TV
channels, DAC Dubai has enjoyed an exceptional welcome and continues to aggressively grow its
presence across the Middle East..